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Intro to Vedic rounding - 4 hour workshop for Vedic meditators (Elwood) with Sarah and Kathleen

Vedic rounding is an advanced practice to help you enliven and deepen your meditation practice. It creates deep rest and relaxation in the body that then allows the mind to slip into a deep, restful state. It helps to release deeper stresses and fatigue that get stored in the body.

A ‘round’ is a sequence that utilises asana (body positions), pranayama (breath work) and meditation. During the workshop we will instruct you on how to round and then talk all about how you can make this part of your daily meditation practice.


Includes rounding instruction, knowledge session, take-home notes, Ayurvedic lunch/dinner and community hangout.

Location: private studio in Elwood. Address provided on sign up.
Time: 2 - 6pm

Note: You can resit the introduction workshop for $50 if you have already learnt

Email to sign up