Love and respect. Always.

Mahasoma Code of Conduct.

The Mahasoma Code of Conduct is an undertaking we as a community take to treat each other with kindness, trust and respect. It exists to ensure that all members of the community, whether they are a student, teacher or practitioner, are aware of the duties we owe to each other so that we can create a safe and enjoyable space for everyone to grow and learn.


We treat all information provided in courses, group meditations and retreats as confidential. 

We respect the right of every person to share their story and have it be kept private. 

We do not share personal information without consent.

Working with children and young people

Mahasoma is committed to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.

We will ensure that all our kids programs take place in a safe and supportive environment. 

All Mahasoma teachers working with children have a valid Working with Children Check - Victoria. 

The Teacher/student relationship - working together 

We respect all students life experiences regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual preferences, political or religious affiliation. 

We will communicate to all students in a clear, kind and compassionate way. 

We endeavor to be considerate of all mental, emotional and physical needs of students.

We acknowledge that there is a power imbalance between the teacher and student, and we will ensure that no member of our team harasses or exploits students in any way.

Teaching and integrity

We acknowledge all students right to make a complaint or express concern and will take all steps necessary to resolve any conflict that arises. 

We know the power and importance of all meditation techniques, and respect all other teachers and practices. We work collaboratively with other practitioners to ensure our students have the best experience possible. 

We are all accountable to each other and have internal processes to support this commitment

Safe space

We welcome all members of the community and seek to create spaces that are inclusive and safe. 

Where possible we teach from spaces that are accessible for all persons.