9 Real Life Benefits of a Daily Meditation Practice


By Laura Poole

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This is a little personal post I wrote a while back and was also featured on the Angea Wellness blog! Enjoy, L x

Reflecting on your life is a powerful skill to have. It instills a sense of gratitude, self-love and appreciation for everything you’ve been doing for yourself… instead of always focusing on what you’re yet to achieve. It allows you to acknowledge the milestones along the way and see the growth that’s taking place in each moment.

When I was teaching in Bali, a student asked me about the changes I’ve seen in my life since I made meditation a daily practice. I actually had to stop and reflect for a while. I realised the changes I’ve experienced over the past 10 years have become such a normal part of life that I barely notice them anymore. But when I reflected, I saw the fruits of my daily practice, and it was a beautiful process to go through.

So I thought I would share my own ‘big life changes’ in the hope to inspire you to commit to a daily practice of meditation too.

Without further adieu…

1. I’m less dependent on the outside world to make me happy. Realisation? Happiness is an inside job.

2. I’m happy with my body, accepting my looks as who I am and paying attention to the things that are great rather then getting caught up on the negatives or things I hate. There’s no point wasting valuable time on things you can’t change. Love your body – it’s the only one you’ve got. Note: I’m still working on complete self-love – this is a continual journey that is infinitely deep.

3. I’m less reactive and have the awareness to know when my body is going into a stress reaction and can take responsibility for my experience and implement ways to manage it – even if it means leaving the room and having a cry by myself for a little while. 

4. I am able to let go of things and move on. Holding on is pointless.

5. I can see in others, the experience I use to have - being a constant slave to the mind. Through this awareness I have compassion and deep love for them, knowing their true nature is divine… even though they may be shitting me to tears in the moment.

6. I recover from stress quickly. My body and mind are flexible and adaptable.

7. I’m not angry anymore – when things don’t go ‘my way’ I don’t lose my shit… I pay greater attention to what’s going on in the present moment and see how a different way of preceding could produce an even better result. 

8. I’m trusting more and more each day; trusting nature, the universe and myself. Everything’s actually all good (no matter what your mind tells you).

9. I’m more present – able to connect with people on a heart to heart level rather then mind to mind. I don’t have to ‘make my point’ or always be right. I’m more interested in a dialogue, learning something about the other person and sharing in a moment where we are both completely ourselves.

All these are in a constant state of refinement mind you.

And that’s OK. Meditation is the key that gives you access to infinite states of expansion, growth and joy. Life is about the process, not the outcome. So sit back, relax, meditate and enjoy the ride. 

Mahasoma Meditation