Breath and present moment awareness

By Alex Powerlett


Are you aware of your breath right now and in this moment?
Stop, consciously take a deep, slow breath.
Now take five of them.
Simply taking the time to stop and be conscious of your breath instantly entrenches you in the present moment.
Because breathing is one of the only vital involuntary actions that we can consciously control everything about when we put our mind to it.
The key phrase here is “put our mind to it”.
You can’t set a timer for your breath that will lock it into long, slow and deep breaths for 5 minutes or an hour.
You must constantly have your mind on this action or it will regain its autonomy.
By taking the time to consciously breathe, you are inserting your mind into the present moment that breath occupies.
This is a very simple yet effective tool we can use in our daily lives.
By consciously breathing for even half a minute, we can quiet our mind, calm our nervous system and exit the sympathetic nervous system state that we all know as ‘fight or flight’.
This is not somewhere we want to be spending a lot of time. As well as feeling stressed, agitated, frustrated or angry, our body’s systems and functions are negatively affected and we literally age faster.
Bump yourself out of fight or flight mentality or have a conscious ‘snack’ in between meditations by closing your eyes and allowing yourself to truly feel your breath. Fully inflate your lungs and slowly relax your entire body on the exhale.

Breath is life.
To consciously take charge of your breath is to consciously take charge of your life.
Enjoy the flow.

Mahasoma Meditation