I know what it feels like to not feel strong in my body


By Kathleen O’Brien


I know what it feels like to not feel strong in my body.

To be known as the fragile, sensitive, frail one.

To feel like my body simply doesn’t know what it means to be healthy and vital.

To experience ongoing, chronic health conditions and disease.

To exhaust all possible routes of treatment that seem to help for a time then plateau.

To feel frustrated, despondent and hopeless that anything will change…

I was born with severe eczema and tried for years to manage it through countless creams, diets, herbs and lifestyle changes. I worked with wonderful practitioners who really made a difference to my health and actually inspired me to study Naturopathy as nothing thus far had helped as much as they did. Throughout my studies I continued to focus on my health, diligently following a very restricted diet as I had discovered a host of allergies and was diagnosed as a coeliac. My asthma and hay-fever had improved but my eczema seemed barely to have budged and my digestive system was a mess, I could barely tolerate anything. I was fainting regularly, fatigued, underweight and experiencing an unknown painful chest condition. Through my own studies I knew healing takes time and luckily I had inherited my dad’s unwavering patience or I may have given up.

One of the fundamental principles of Naturopathy is Holistic treatment. We treat the entire body but also recognise the effect of the mind, spirit and environment on our health.

I had the body based healing pretty sorted and environmentally was doing what I could at the time but I hadn’t quite completed the formula – I had no practice for my mind and spirit. I was curious about life, I wanted answers and I was certain that I could be experiencing more on a daily basis. This more than anything lead me to meditation but it simultaneously became my greatest self-healing tool.

I learnt how to let go. How to dissolve and resolve the conditioning of my nervous system that was perpetuating the habits of thinking that convinced me that I was my body and I was my health issues. Through this daily practice of dissolving and allowing, I gained greater awareness and perception which helped establish adaptability and resilience in my day. I was able to let go of the control I was experiencing around my health and actually allow my bodies wonderful innate healing processes to take over. My health radically changed and I no longer experience the conditions that previously consumed my everyday life.

Strength was never an attribute I admired nor felt I embodied, I simply didn’t put my attention on it. But when I look back on my years of poor health up to now, it has really been a journey of finding my strength. Of finding resilience, stability and power. The way I relate to myself has completely shifted, I’m no longer bound by my body or the ideas and habits of thinking that I began to identify as. Control and overwhelm have lifted and what’s left is freedom, adaptability and a beautiful story to share.

So yes, I know what it feels like to not feel strong in my body

I know the journey to health can take time and dedication.

I also know what it feels like to be strong and vital.

And I know It’s possible for you to experience this to.


Mahasoma Meditation