Some thoughts on a healthy pregnancy

By Alex Powerlett


When a woman is pregnant, we know that exercise, sleep and an organic, nutritious diet are essential.

What else?

Appointments with physiotherapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists and herbalists certainly help too.

What is often forgotten is that the mother is growing a new, highly complex nervous system.
This is an amazing feat of genetics and energy.

In Chinese medicine it is the forming of prenatal Jing (essence) and can be supported to create the healthiest and happiest baby.

Normally before conception, whatever happens in the mind is printed out in the body. Whether stressful, negative thoughts or positive, calm and enthusiastic patterns.
They are all physicalised - the patterns of the mind build the architecture of the body.

During pregnancy anything going through the mothers emotional field or through her mind is also printed out into the brand new nervous system that is being formed in her body.

What can she do to to ensure that her stresses do not become that of her child?
What can she do to promote healthy growth and development of all bodily tissues and neurological connections in her child’s brain?

Meditation dissolves accumulated stress and processes incoming stress faster and more efficiently.
Let it help you to create the best possible life for not only yourself but for your developing child.
Give them the best life you possibly can and develop your own self at the same time.

By meditating before, during and after pregnancy you are supporting every single process of your own body and mind while ensuring that your child won’t take on any of your own patterns of ill health. Whether mental or physical.

Even if you are days away from giving birth, or have already given birth, it is never too late to experience these benefits for you and you child.
Post-birth you can help to heal your body faster and more effectively while shedding years of your own conditioning to become a more happy, loving, supporting and understanding parent.

Nourish yourself, nurture your family and live in love and happiness.

Mahasoma Meditation