Let yourself be taken on a wild ride


By Cailin Grant-Jansen


It keeps happening to me. These moments where all of a sudden I realise where I am, what I’m doing, the people I’m surrounded by… And I ask myself, how did I get here?

Today is day 108 since graduating as a Vedic meditation teacher. My mind can’t really comprehend how time has gone so quickly. Being a teacher has started to normalise. Not fully, but it feels natural and a part of my life. More and more I am learning and accepting that life is completely unpredictable. Yes you can plan, have goals, intentions, dreams,… But you’ll never know what will come on your path. I really believe the best attitude to life is to let yourself be taken on a wild ride.

Put out in the universe what it is you desire and move towards it, but don’t hold on. You will only cause yourself to suffer. You will miss out on something that might be greater, something that at this point in time your mind doesn't know it could be possible. Let the magic enter your life, let life flow and be the one surfing the wave.

The wave that tells a great story. A story that right now is unknown to you, a story that still has to be written. A story of growth, learning, understanding, failure, friendship. adventure, purpose and love. A story that you truly want to live. A story that excites you. And the best thing is, you don't have to try and control your way into this story with all your effort. You do the opposite. Let go, relax, trust and enjoy. You will be surprised.

Let yourself be taken on a wild ride. If you don’t allow, you’ll never know..



Mahasoma Meditation