Meditation and creativity

By Julia Turco


I’ve always thought of myself as a “creative person”. From a young age, I’ve loved to express myself visually, drawing is my usual go-to but I’ve dabbled in many other mediums and artforms along the way.

When I heard that learning to meditate would also enhance my creativity (alongside all the other positive changes I was experiencing), I was excited to see what would unfold! Needless to say, what I found exceeded any expectations I’d had and transformed the way I thought about what it actually means to be creative. 

Sure enough, after a short time of practicing Vedic meditation, I began to find that I was having brilliant ideas far more often than I had previously. When we meditate, we allow the mind and body to settle into a calm and restful state. As this happens, we release the stress that is subconsciously clouding our mind and blocking the natural, creative impulses that are always flowing. Through this practice, our awareness expands and we find that we are able to sense more and more of these creative ideas. Kind of like tuning a radio station to the correct frequency so you can hear the good stuff, rather than hearing white noise with the occasional decipherable tune. 

It makes sense that the more often we are making contact with this creative source (the place where these creative ideas originate from) the more great ideas we are likely to be having. Most meditators vouch for this, sharing their own stories of sitting down to meditate and being flooded by inspiring, new ideas. Over time, with a consistent meditation practice, most people find that this experience becomes more common, not only in meditation but where it really counts - in their everyday life. 

I’d been thinking of this from an artistic angle but I soon came to realise that being creative means so much more than painting a masterpiece, writing a new song or redecorating your house. In every moment we are creating our lives. We create when we cook, choose our outfit for the day, develop new friendships, problem solve at work or action a new life project.

Not only does our expanded awareness, cultivated through daily meditation, increase our ability to pick up on these creative impulses, we also gain greater perspective into the future we are already creating for ourselves.

Better creative ideas and the ability to see where they’re leading you? That’s a game changer for everyone! Whether you’re a budding artist or looking to make more comprehensive decisions in business, you’ll soon find that the capability to cognise and action inspiring ideas of all forms is one of the many powerful benefits that come from your meditation practice. 

So, what will you create with your upgraded superpower?

Mahasoma Meditation