Why we should prioritise healing


By Sarah O’Brien


Whether we’re aware of it or not, most of what we do in life is an attempt to heal or to resolve some experience that has impacted our view of the world. You can see this play out in the behaviour of everyone on the planet; revenge, greed, violence, even love and relationships are all attempts to resolve some part of us that is in some way unresolved, or needs more attention and love. 

I say ‘aware or not’ because for a lot of people the concept of healing can have many meanings. For most, it’s related to a physical experience of healing the body, whether it’s because of an injury, an illness or some kind of genetic disorder. I know for me that this is what I thought healing was for many years, and I never really stopped to question whether it was possible that healing went beyond the body, and was also about the mind and thus the life I built for myself. If my body felt okay, then I must be okay, right? All these people talking about healing were in some way worse off than me and needed help, so I didn’t have to do anything. 

In the Vedic tradition, we say that consciousness creates matter. Put more simply, this means that your mind creates your reality, or your perception of the physical world. What flows from this is the understanding that the thoughts you have today then go on to create the reality you have tomorrow. So, for this reason, the state of your mind will impact not only how you see the world but also what your body then physically prints out. 

For me, I was missing the mind, and for that reason I misunderstood what healing actually meant. And when I finally took the time to understand the mind/body connection, the reason behind why I would want to spend my time and attention on healing transformed. 

What I have come to understand healing to be is a process that is essential to understanding humanity and the world we live in. By prioritising healing myself I am coming to know the world around me on a much deeper level, and I can see how the way I treat and think about my body, my first home, is then reflected in the way I treat the world around me. It’s not about one or the other, mind or body, but I do know from personal experience that understanding the mind is really where true healing begins, because the body will respond in kind. Basically, we become what we think! 

It’s not been smooth sailing though, by any standards. My biggest lesson has and continues to be that healing is not linear. It does not happen in a neat, tight little bundle where there’s total letting go and freedom at every turn. What I’ve found is that healing is about the process, and it takes time. It may feel as though you’re going round in circles, but it’s more like a spiral. You are constantly moving inwards to the root of the pain, until eventually you hit it and it then truely begins to dissolve. 

And even though it’s been hard, and scary, and caused me to acknowledge what I would rather ignore, I’ve come to love every single moment of this crazy journey.  

Mahasoma Meditation