Teaching means falling in love


By Sarah O’Brien


After graduating as a teacher of Vedic meditation, I’ve been sitting with what it actually means to take on the role of ‘teacher’. So far, it has felt expansive and inspiring, but I’ve come to realise that it’s so much deeper than I ever expected.

What I’ve realised is that teaching is actually all about falling in love.

It’s falling in love with people, no matter how they come to you or how they feel. Underneath whatever layers have formed over time, I see that every person is infinitely kind and curious. They want to know more about themselves, about what life actually is and how they can weave their story into its great tapestry. I see that every person is sweet and compassionate, wanting nothing more than to give themselves to their friends and family. And I see that every person is looking to connect and share, to feel as though they truly belong to a community and to a world that is full of magic.

Teaching is also falling in love with what it is you share. This practise and knowledge that I have become a custodian of truely changes lives. It makes you tremble in awe and bow in gratitude. It illuminates what it means to be here at this time in history and how we can best show up in the world. It is knowledge that is felt as well as known, and it brings people together. Every day I get to see how meditating shifts health problems that have lingered for months, years or decades. I witness people remembering what it is to feel calm, happy and hopeful. I hear stories about how meditation has taught people to let go, and that letting go is not a free-fall but a dive into the deepest, calmest and most bliss-filled ocean imaginable. I’ve seen complete strangers become the best of friends and remind each other of what it means to have the best human experience.

And I’ve seen other teachers who are as much in love with this as I am. Who surrender everything to share this knowledge and be available whenever they are needed. They give their time, their hearts and their homes. They make you laugh, cry and inspire you to go deeper. Their love for this knowledge is so infinite that the idea of infinity no longer feels terrifying, but feels more like home.

And, I’ve realised that teaching is all about falling in love with yourself. It makes me love where I have come from and what I have learnt because I see the connection that it brings. It makes me love this personality I have, that it can communicate deep wisdom and inspire people to keep meditating. I fall in love with the fear when it comes up because it shows me that I care deeply about what I do, and that I am growing alongside those I teach. I fall in love with the changes that I see every day and the fact that I have no idea where it is all going to end up.

And I keep falling in love with the realisation that I am one self among many, one individual making up the greater personality of the entire universe. And what a spectacular personality it is! Like a cell in the body, I am playing my part in creating the story of life.

I get to say that my job is all about falling in love.

What greater experience is there?

Sarah xxx

Mahasoma Meditation