Kathleen O’Brien


Kathleen is a Vedic meditation teacher and Naturopath based in Elwood, sharing the knowledge and wisdom of how to experience lasting health and live a vibrant life in flow. As a Naturopath she knows the increasingly detrimental effects that stress has on our body, mind, relationships and life in general. Herbal medicine, nutritional support, diet and lifestyle adjustments are all important aspects of healing. But without a practice for the mind, most people find that something is missing. When a daily practice of Vedic meditation gets added into the formula, the transformation then becomes truly holistic.

Kathleen offers her clients a self-sufficient, practical and long-term solution to greater health and happiness. She teaches you how to let go and dissolve stress so you can feel calmer and happier in daily life. It is her desire for all people to experience lasting health and for this to be an enjoyable process of self-discovery along the way.

She welcomes you to our ever evolving community and looks forward to sharing, exploring and diving deep into both knowledge and practice, as together we create a new cultural narrative

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My story

I had just come back from an extended, post high school Europe trip and found myself questioning the next phase of my life while also struggling with health issues. So it was both curiosity and ill health that lead me to meditation.

I was born with severe eczema and tried for years to manage it through countless creams, diets, herbs and lifestyle changes. I worked with wonderful practitioners who really made a difference to my health and actually inspired me to study Naturopathy as nothing thus far had helped as much as they did. Throughout my studies I continue to focus on my health, diligently following a very restricted diet as I had discovered a host of allergies and was diagnosed as a coeliac. My asthma and hay-fever had improved but my eczema seemed barely to have budged and my digestive system was a mess, I could barely tolerate anything.

Through my own studies I knew healing takes time and luckily I had inherited my dad’s unwavering patience or I may have given up.

One of the fundamental principles of Naturopathy is Holistic treatment. We treat the entire body but also recognise the effect of the mind, spirit and environment on our health. I had the body based healing pretty sorted and environmentally was doing what I could at the time but I hadn’t quite completed the formula – I had not practice for my mind and spirit. I was curious about life, I wanted answers and I was certain that I could be experiencing more on a daily basis. This more than anything lead me to meditation but it simultaneously became my greatest self-healing tool.

Again it took time but I approached my daily practice with the same diligence  I always had with my health and would sit to meditate twice daily without fail. I was 22 at the time and didn’t know a single person who meditated. I craved community and wanted to go deeper. I began attending every possible advanced course Laura offered. I honestly thought she might get sick of seeing me! What unfolded over the coming years I could never have imagined. I found freedom, bliss, strength, resilience, flow and my health radically changed. I found my missing piece.

Now I find myself a teacher of the practice that changed my life. I get to teach people how to let go in the most effortless and simple way.

I started to meditate because of my health issues and out of curiosity, now I meditate because I love it. Diligence is no longer required, I practice with devotion and in complete gratitude for this practice.

Through Mahasoma I want to help you live a life of love, fulfilment and optimal health.