Effortless meditation

Re-learn how to relax, let go and flow with vedic meditation


Less stress. More flow.

Find a new normal with Vedic meditation.


Vedic meditation is an easy, letting go technique that absolutely anyone can learn. It’s practiced for 20 minutes twice a day, sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. Using a personal mantra in an effortless way, it causes the mind and body to naturally settle and relax, allowing you to release built up stress and fatigue. Through a daily practice, you become less stressed, more calm, and begin to tap into your natural state of creativity, clarity and happiness.

HOW TO LEARN - the 4 session course

The 4-session course is taught over four consecutive days. On Day 1, you receive your personal mantra and instructions for practise. Over the following 3 days we talk about the mechanics of meditation, how to make it an effortless part of daily life, the impact of stress on the mind and body and we also dive deeper into transformational Vedic knowledge. By the end of the course you will be a confident, independent meditator and be a part of our world-wide meditation community with access to lifetime support.

how do i book in?

You can begin by attending a free ‘Intro to Vedic Meditation Talk’. This is a 45min obligation free talk where you will hear all about the practice, what you’ll learn in the course, and can ask the teacher any questions you may have about meditation. You can then choose to sign up for a course that suits your schedule. Or if you already know you want to learn, you can simply sign up for a course right away and get meditating! Course investment details are below.


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“The beginning of everything being different. Unfolding. Expansion. Lightness. So many things. I've done guided meditation before, but it always seemed like a chore. This technique is simple and I genuinely look forward to it EVERY DAY!”


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Supporting you to make meditation a daily practice.

Welcome to our lifetime membership.


The 4-session course fee is an upfront investment that gives you a lifetime membership to Vedic meditation. When you learn through Mahasoma you gain access to a worldwide community of Vedic meditators and teachers. You can take the course again for free with any affiliated Vedic meditation teacher worldwide, and you also become part of our in-person and online community. This gives you access to our free community events and our daily group meditation and knowledge sessions. Everything we do is to help support you in making meditation a daily practice.

Individual contribution

$880 AUD (including GST) or 3 monthly instalments of $294 per month or $88 per week for 10 weeks.

Students or ages 16-24/Health Care Card/Pensioners

$550 AUD (including GST) or 3 monthly instalments of $184 per month or $55 per week for 10 weeks

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs page

Note: If you are experiencing extreme financial difficulties and can’t contribute to the course investment, but really want to learn, then please email hello@mahasoma.com to chat about different ways we can make it work.

Giving back to share the love.

Mahasoma is all about giving, sharing and creating. We care about the world we live in and know there are some big changes that need to take place. And we love being able to support local not-for-profits, who are doing this great work in our communities. When you learn Vedic meditation with us, you are not only receiving a gift for life for yourself, but you are also choosing to help those who are most at need…

Oz Harvest Australia


Learn Vedic meditation and feed a family of 4 for 2 weeks.



Learn Vedic meditation and help provide research, education and advocacy for refugees in Australia.

a sound life australia


Learn Vedic meditation and gift 3 people living with disabilities music, yoga and meditation sessions.


“I feel like something is shifting in me. I’ve been trying to meditate for years & there’s so many apps now but this is something else. It’s like I have a little secret world. And yes, whilst I’m meditating, my thoughts are sometimes still crazy but I can handle it or they are just there & somehow it’s ok. And in my everyday life I feel like I actually have more time or more space. I’m doing more of what I love. And I’m committed to this practice for my life.”



Why you’d want to do it.

The benefits of Vedic meditation.

Some people feel the benefits immediately.  For others it may take some time to notice and integrate.  The best part is, you will receive benefits whether you are aware of them or not! Meditation is a practice, not a belief system. When you meditate, you create the space for transformation to occur from the inside out.

The benefits our Vedic meditation students have experienced include:

  • Feeling calmer and clearer

  • A reduction in stress and associated conditions from that heightened stress

  • Greater self-awareness, self-confidence and self-love

  • Greater space within to navigate the ever-changing world

  • Better quality of sleep

  • More energy throughout the day

  • Less mind dominant and more heart dominant

  • Ability to let go, transform and adapt in every day life

  • Greater alertness, efficiency and productivity

  • Greater creativity and expression of one’s true self

  • Increased performance and recovery

  • Feeling happy for no reason!

The benefits are cumulative, so the longer you practise the more you receive.  Many students report greater compassion and understanding, deeper connection in relationships and less dependence on the outside world to make them happy.  They have a greater self healing capacity, become more adaptable and flexible, and have on overall sense that everything is all good.

This is why we’re meditating… not to become better at meditation, but to become better at the experience of living life.



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