Welcome to our team.

The Mahasoma team is a collective of Vedic meditation teachers, who chose to come together to create something greater than what could be done as individuals. Through working together, they support the ever growing community of Mahasoma meditators by offering weekly courses, daily group meditation and wisdom sessions, advanced knowledge courses, retreats, kids workshops and specialised programs.

Laura Poole Vedic Meditation Melbourne

Laura Poole


Laura is a Vedic meditation teacher, speaker, writer and community builder. She has trained intensively over the past decade with great masters in Australia, India and the United States. Based in Melbourne, Laura shares the wisdom of Vedic meditation, Vedanta and Ayurveda, making it relevant for living in today’s world. She is a truly dedicated leader and entrepreneur in the Melbourne meditation space, inspiring people to take care of their mental and physical health, while encouraging them to make a real difference in the world.

Passionate about community and aware of its transformative power, Laura brings people together in uplifting shared experiences through group workshops, events and retreats. Her intention is to share simple ‘how-to’ techniques for creating balance and harmony, while supporting people to live a heart based life in flow with nature. 

Laura is the founder of Mahasoma - a movement that is creating a new cultural narrative through embodiment of wisdom and practice. She was also an original co-founder/co-creator of 1 Giant Mind Australia and its free 'Learn to Meditate' app.

laura@mahasoma.com // IG @laura_poole // laurapoole.com



Sarah O’Brien


Sarah is a Vedic meditation teacher and ex-human rights lawyer based in Melbourne. She has been practicing Vedic meditation for several years and has trained with masters and custodians of Vedic wisdom in both Australia and India. 

Sarah comes from a legal-advocacy background, and has worked in human rights and refugee law. She has directly experienced the expectations and stress faced by people working in high pressure environments and works with her students to help them create balance in daily life. Sarah is dedicated to creating the space for her students to go deep and get to know themselves without accumulated layers of stress and fatigue so that they can reengage with a new perspective on life. 

Sarah originally became a lawyer out of a desire to participate in creating change and felt that this was the best way to contribute. Over the years, meditation shifted this perspective and Sarah believes that it is not systems or institutions that inspire change but each individual that is a part of them. It’s individuals who can re-learn how to engage in the world with compassion & understanding.

Sarah decided to teach Vedic meditation because it is a practice that allows you to create change both individually as well as in our communities.

sarah@mahasoma.com // IG @sarahclaireobrien // sarahclaireobrien.com



Kathleen O’Brien


Kathleen is a Vedic meditation teacher and Naturopath based in Elwood, sharing the knowledge and wisdom of how to experience lasting health and live a vibrant life in flow. As a Naturopath she knows the increasingly detrimental effects that stress has on our body, mind, relationships and life in general. Herbal medicine, nutritional support, diet and lifestyle adjustments are all important aspects of healing. But without a practice for the mind, most people find that something is missing. When a daily practice of Vedic meditation gets added into the formula, the transformation then becomes truly holistic.

Kathleen offers her clients a self-sufficient, practical and long-term solution to greater health and happiness. She teaches you how to let go and dissolve stress so you can feel calmer and happier in daily life. It is her desire for all people to experience lasting health and for this to be an enjoyable process of self-discovery along the way.

She welcomes you to our ever evolving community and looks forward to sharing, exploring and diving deep into both knowledge and practice, as together we create a new cultural narrative.

kathleen@mahasoma.com // IG @kathleenobrien_ // kathleenjaneobrien.com


Julia Turco Vedic Meditation

Julia Turco


Julia is a Vedic meditation teacher based in Melbourne. After many years of working in the hospitality industry, Julia found herself physically and mentally burnt out. With a range of health issues including chronic anxiety and fatigue, her search for a greater reality led her to the practice of Vedic meditation. The profound shifts she experienced from implementing a daily meditation practice inspired her to dive deeper into her studies of the Vedic wisdom and integrate it into everyday life.

Julia now dedicates her time to sharing this powerful technique along with simple tools to assist people in bringing more calm, clarity and creativity into their lives.

After witnessing the important role a supportive community plays in any transformational journey, as well as her own love of human connection and sharing of stories, Julia is passionate about creating spaces where people can come together to feel uplifted and inspired.

Julia believes that with practical techniques you can create a life you love and is here to help you re-learn how to relax and enjoy!

julia@mahasoma.com // IG @julia_turco_ // juliaturco.com



Alex Powerlett


Alex has had a keen interest in Eastern Philosophy for years, stemming from his 18 years of practicing the Chinese Martial and Internal Arts. This led to his study and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where he became a qualified Acupuncturist.

Alex is passionate about helping people develop full mind. body, spirit integration. His training in Chinese Martial Arts, acrobatics and strength, gives him the experience to work with people in creating strong bodies, calm minds and free spirits. He works with people of all ages, but has a real desire to help kids and teens build the inner capabilities and resources they need to live stress-free, fun-loving lives.

Alex teaches Vedic meditation in South Yarra, and also runs weekly group meditation sessions and private acupuncture sessions.

alex@mahasoma.com // IG @alexpowerlett // alexpowerlett.com



Cailin Rose


Cailin is a Vedic meditation teacher, photographer and master cookie baker. She is based in Melbourne, but spends some months of the year in Belgium where she grew up and studied linguistics. 

Cailin has first handedly experienced what anxiety and stress does to a young girl growing up in our fast paced society where there is so much pressure to conform to certain stereotypes. Although these effect both genders, through her own experiences, Cailin has an affinity to working with young women in identifying and dealing with the harmful consequences of being forced to act and look a certain way. She can safely vouch for the benefits of meditation in creating a stable foundation within that allows for confidence, creativity and calmness to flow through. 

She is an ever inspired witness to the powerful changes that meditation can bring about to all kinds of people and knows only too well the importance of living in touch with the deeper self, enabling a richer connection to others and the world around. And as a photographer, Cailin, fully appreciates that the beauty in people goes well beyond their physical appearance. A beauty that Cailin is passionate about stirring up through the transformative effects of meditation. Cailin warmly welcomes you to this special community. 

cailin@mahasoma.com // IG @caiirose // cailinrose.com


Lianne Richards Vedic Meditation

Lianne Richards


Lianne is a Vedic meditation teacher based in Melbourne whose passion for travel has seen her train with teachers in Australia, India and the United Kingdom.  

Before becoming a meditation teacher Lianne worked with children, young people and families in the community service sector. It was inspiring and fulfilling work, but also revealing and challenging. Lianne directly experienced the considerable levels of stress we are operating under as a collective and its negative impact on our health and wellbeing – as individuals, families and communities.

This knowledge together with Lianne’s own personal experience of the widespread benefits of Vedic meditation awoke in her a desire to become a teacher of this profound practice. Lianne is now dedicated to sharing with others ways to reduce stress, feel their best, and create more relaxed and enjoyable experiences of life. She is passionate about helping people integrate this effortless and transformative technique into their busy lives, while supporting them to create change in a grounded and holistic way.

lianne@mahasoma.com // IG @lianne_richards // liannerichards.com