Find a new normal

THROUGH Vedic meditation, WISDOM AND Community

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Welcome to Mahasoma.

Where wellbeing, spirituality and social change merge.

Mahasoma is a community of meditators, Vedic meditation teachers and mind-body health practitioners, sharing timeless wisdom and daily practices to help create a new normal.

We live in a world where stress has been normalised and fatigue is an everyday experience. The ever-changing, fast paced landscape of daily life is constantly asking us to adapt, and that requires energy, creativity and strength. We’re also experiencing a real disconnect from the deeper aspects of ourselves and the land we call home. This has created a mental and physical health epidemic that is permeating every corner of our culture. A big change is needed and it can only be done by shifting the status quo together.

At Mahasoma, we aspire to uplift and support the awakening of a new generation of conscious, empowered and purposeful humans. We know that together as a culture, a society, we can uplift each other, co-create, share, learn, laugh, enjoy and really live well. Through practices such as Vedic meditation, yoga and mind/body movement, alongside transformational knowledge, life wisdom, stories, food and community, Mahasoma is a vehicle for this cultural transformation that is already well on its way.

Together we can weave into the tapestry of life new ways of being and living.

Together, let’s find a new normal.


“Literally the day after I started the VEDIC MEDITATION course, I felt like a whole weight had lifted off my shoulders. Everything has just been positively improving since then. I’m able to give more to the people around me and I still have positive energy left for myself. I can not tell you how much the course haS changed my life.”



A space for wisdom to flow and community to thrive.

At Mahasoma we run weekly Vedic meditation courses, daily group meditations, advanced knowledge courses, retreats, Ayurvedic cooking classes, movement classes and kids workshops. We know it’s not just about learning something new, but about making long lasting change. That’s why we’ve created a life-time support network with our teachers, advanced classes to keep you inspired and diving deeper and and an ever-growing community to help you enjoy the journey along the way.

Think global, act local.



Change begins from the inside out. A daily practice of meditation, movement and connection are essential to really thrive and enjoy life. We make you self-sufficient in the practice of Vedic meditation, so you can experience less stress and more flow. Advanced practices are then taught to deepen & enhance this transformation of daily life.


Knowledge awakens us to our innate wisdom that resides within. It gives us understanding, depth of experience and empowers us to keep evolving creatively with grace and ease. The Vedic knowledge and wisdom transcends time, and offers beautiful insights into life for anyone seeking a new way of being and living.


Connection, belonging and support are so important for the human spirit. It helps us develop empathy, relationship skills and the capacity to share on deeper levels. It’s also the foundation for greater change outside of the self. With community, you give what you can and take what you need. And share the ride of life along the way.


Life is about service - in Sanskrit it is known as ‘seva’. Seva is serving the need of the time with love and devotion. All of our work is seva, and we also support charities that help give back on a larger scale. We offer leadership programs and meditation teacher trainings as well, to keep the giving back flowing greatly where it is needed the most.


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