Learning with Laura Poole was life changing. Before we met I had attempted unsuccessfully to incorporate meditation into my life for years. But that changed when I found her. Studying with Laura was fun and immeasurably rewarding. Over the course of several sessions she imparted doses of her deep wisdom from the ancient Vedas on me. The classes were delivered in a way that was easily digestible and memorable. In the months that followed Laura demonstrated a heartfelt commitment to my success as her student, which made all the difference. Still to this day she remains dependably accessible, emotionally supportive, and generous with her insights and resources. Since setting up a personal meditation practice with Laura as my teacher I have noticeably witnessed greater clarity of mind, an increase in the quality of my relationships, and have been promoted at work - twice in one year. I highly recommend Laura and Vedic Meditation to anyone seeking to transform or improve their quality of life. If you have the chance to work with her, take it. You will be blown away by the results.


I love my practice and it has been revolutionary really. I'm at the stage where meditation has become indispensable and just vital (very dramatic but true!!!) to my life. I can never go back. So the consistency thing is very easy. I like to meditate first thing in the morning in my bed and then I try my best to meditate at 6pm when I get home from uni. I unfortunately learned the hard way last month during one busy week and stopped scheduling in evening meditations. I really felt the difference in my state of being, the way I was connecting with others, my productivity and the way I related with myself. So now I'm really prioritising the 2 x meditations and adapting when I don't have time (like train and car meditations). Since 3 months meditating, in terms of ease, I have noticed it has been quicker for me to slip into a relaxed state at the start and I'm having less agitation. I don't think I'm actually having less agitation, but maybe, I'm just not caring anymore and letting go more easily. I've had some nice experiences too which I’ll try to explain. I slip in and out of a state where I feel like I'm sinking into a big ocean and where I feel really vast. Sometimes my meditations feel like honey. If the flavour of honey could be a feeling, that's what I was experiencing. But on the whole I've been doing great! I love coming to group meditations and listening to some of the podcasts out there. I think the extra knowledge from you and others has really supported my practice. I'm never not inspired! Thank you so much.


Vedic meditation is a game changer with sleep deprivation. A 20min meditation did so much more for us than a 20min nap. The thing is, new parents don’t have time to sleep between feeds, there’s so much to do... so to get the mental equivalent of 3hrs sleep in 20mins is AMAZING! So glad we already had our practice as we knew how valuable it was, and now prioritise it up there alongside eating and showering!


Thank you Laura - you are one of the few genuinely good and original teachers out there. I appreciate most that you live what you teach, with no 'days off'. I recognise if a teacher and their process is worth following and I would like to continue learning from you and go further along this process for a few years! Since starting Vedic meditation, I feel like I am a better teacher myself. In the time I have been meditating my class numbers have grown, as I am able to share an understanding with more people, with greater clarity and simplicity. Also their practices are developing in a more profound way. I am more patient with my students and friends and I'm able to help them in a more meaningful way, that is relevant for them (less about helping me through the act of helping them.) I am seeing my dogs more as the unique animals they are (their spirit/energy), less of habits that they have, or dog training techniques they have been taught etc. When we run together it is like meditation for all of us and they are becoming calmer with less anxiety. My physical practice is developing faster. I am better able to detach from thoughts and emotions and instead bring awareness to my body's movement. I am also faster at learning new movements, skills and routines. I am eating waaaaay less meat and sweet foods. Less food in general actually. Much less coffee from 2 a day to 1 every 3 days or so. Wow that's quite a bit of stuff!


When I started the course, I had basically lost my job, because I was “too emotional” and “too emphatic”. I was told I needed to care less about other people. I was back at uni trying to get a degree to change into a career where I don’t deal with people. Literally the day after I started the course, I felt like a whole weight had lifted off my shoulders. Everything has just been positively improving since then. I’m now able to deal with other people’s energies and bounce back. I don’t come home from work and cry every day. I’m able to give more to the people around me and I still have positive energy left for myself. I cannot tell you how much you and the course have changed my life. I have had doctors and specialists try to tell me that I need anxiety medication for the past 10 years, when all I needed was a script for meditation. So thank you!!!! You’ve helped me in ways I can’t explain, and now I can pass on help to others.


What to even say? I mean, really. The beginning of everything being different. Unfolding. Expansion. Lightness. So many things. I've done guided meditation before, but it always seemed like a chore. This technique is simple and I genuinely look forward to it. Outside of the practice, I've noticed a real sense of spaciousness. I feel less reactive, less bothered, and less inclined to hold onto things. I've previously spent a lot of effort noticing and addressing tension (and stress, overthinking tendencies... etc), but I'm finding the same shifts are occurring without the effort. There is still awareness and change, but it's coming from a place of ease.


When you first hear about meditation, you often have a pre-conceived idea about it being 'hippy' or 'new age. Laura is a genuine soul and breaks through all of those notions, delivering a very down to earth approach to teaching this great technique for everyday people. When I first started learning the technique, each morning was quite chaotic. I had a lot of thoughts and couldn’t seem to ‘concentrate’. However, with Laura’s knowledge of Vedic meditation, she made me realise that this was a normal sign of stress leaving the body. I have incorporated it into my daily routine and each day I feel like I am becoming more concise in my thinking, have much more space between my thoughts so I can make the right decisions and overall feel a subtle sense of peace when the rest of the world is running at a crazy pace. I have to thank Laura for her unique talent to break down every step of the process so you feel motivated to meditate everyday. She has become a close friend and I highly recommend her to anyone looking at giving it a go!


Thank you for being you and creating such a beautiful community for us to all be a part of! Deep gratitude for all your care and love over the last 12 months with your advanced Rishi and Siddha trainings - I have loved every minute of it!


Meditation has replaced all the food and booze and drugs and clothes and relationships and work that I used to use in order to mask emotional pain of inadequacy and self-consciousness that I was feeling. Letting go of those things is really hard when you feel like they're a part of who you essentially are. But Vedic Meditation and the community and support that it provides during the process of letting all these things go is invaluable - and a hell of a lot cheaper! And better for you… And less painful. So in effect, meditation has probably saved me a bunch of money, has taken me on a rollercoaster ride of experiences and has given me the ability to look back on those experiences with the clarity of knowing that they are just those - experiences - and that they are not me. I am something much bigger than those experiences and feelings… something much more graceful and grounded and humble and centered.


I have noticed a sense of peace within myself. A stillness. I like to think I am a pretty calm person but this is a deeper tranquility within that I have yet to experience during anything else or any other time. Thank you again for sharing this amazing gift of meditation (I haven't missed a single session!) You’ve truly helped me move through some challenging times over the past 3 months.