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A place where wellbeing, spirituality and social change unite. In this podcast we share stories and wisdom from people who are seeking, finding and living a new normal. From conscious conception, pregnancy and birth, to creating community, challenging limiting systems and inviting a new way of moving and being in the world. We explore the underlying motivations for change, the real life experiments that make them a reality and the profound learnings that reveal themselves along the way. Through this podcast we want to create a space where everyone can listen, be heard, learn, empathise, understand and be inspired to find a new normal.

Welcome to the Mahasoma Podcast.

Mahasoma Podcast


Episode 1 - Rebel of the Heart with Alice Miller

Episode 2 - Creating Community from India to Israel with Alice Miller

Episode 3 - Ayurveda Conscious Conception with Dylan Smith and Laura Poole

Episode 4 - Ayurveda Pregnancy, Birthing and Postnatal Care with Dylan Smith and Laura Poole